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Welcome to [Insane] True Combat Elite Clan
Welcome to [Insane] Clan!

We are a group of friends from several parts of the world playing True Combat Elite, a Wolfenstein modification.

The clan saw the light at 20th December of 2011 as an experienced group of players and above all we just want to have fun and some competition.

If you think you have what it takes to be [Insane] and you love TCE and you're looking for a clan, after register speak to us.

You can find us :

velhin / Apr 22, 2012
Hey all,

First of all i'm sorry for not saying nothing for a while, but we were and we still are working on the building of the War Leagues.
So far what i can say about it is that we are trying to make it as best as possible to rule out any doubts that might appear, so rules are being constructed the most transparent we can, therefore this mean we want to avoid the problems that appeared on the attempt of the previous one.

Hopefully during this month or the beginning of the next, Rules section will be online, and things should begun to run smooth.