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velhin / Apr 22, 2012
Hey all,

First of all i'm sorry for not saying nothing for a while, but we were and we still are working on the building of the War Leagues.
So far what i can say about it is that we are trying to make it as best as possible to rule out any doubts that might appear, so rules are being constructed the most transparent we can, therefore this mean we want to avoid the problems that appeared on the attempt of the previous one.

Hopefully during this month or the beginning of the next, Rules section will be online, and things should begun to run smooth.
velhin / Mar 05, 2012
We inserted a new feature on the website last night, Teamspeak 3.
If you roll untill the end of the page you will see it on your left side.
You cant connect directly for there, because so far we didn't found any feature that support it, however we will dig for it :)

Here is, one more time, the TS3 adress: port 9987

Hope you guys connect :) See you there.

You don't have TeamSpeak3 installed? Follow this downloadlink here
velhin / Feb 25, 2012
Hey all,

Unfortunately I have sadness to announce that the League will have to be postponed.

We have received a lots of complaints on the last 2 or 3 days, and we now need time to overlook the organised league to what can be fixed or improved and that may take a while.
We don't have any new date to the league, all we can say it's that is going to be this year.
We will do several changes, specially in rules!
Perfection doesn't exist, but its what everyone one demands. So be it then :)

I have to thank to ak47 Simons who made a war server specially for us (all of us) and for the League.
And i also have to thank SBK Tracker, to had to hurry the construction of SBK war server for this League.

When we have news, we will continually giving them!
Thanks for the understanding, and for those who really wanted to play, we are sorry for the position we had to take, but we took it thinking on you, because i guess everyone want a league that runs smoothly with the less problems possible.
velhin / Feb 22, 2012
Ok guys, we are listening some complaints about this and that!
As you guys know, this is the first time that [Insane] is organizing a League!
We know that our league have some flaws and its not prefect as we wished, so that's why we want you guys to see it as a BETA League.

This League will help us to gather information of our flaws, like a BETA program is supposed to do, and this will help us on a Future League.

So i please ask you to understand and to view this League as Test!

We want to have competition, but like i said we are aware that will not be perfect, but this will give us experience to do a better one in a future!

We just hope that everyone have fun!
velhin / Feb 21, 2012
As you can see, groups are already out!
Group draw were pretty simple to do, i will explain you how we did it!

Numbers ( 1 to 10) were given to teams, and i requested to an outside person to choose the numbers, one at a time and this same person selected the group that the picked number were going to.
This person have never played TCE before and do not know any of our clans.
This way we could have the more randomized pick possible.


As you all know, each team will have to play against all the team in their group! A win is equal to 3 points, a Draw is equal to 2 points and a Loss is equal to 1 point.

From each group, two teams will pass, which will create another group of 4 teams. Those 4 teams will fight again among themselves and compete for 4th, 3th, 2nd, and 1st Place.

The remaining 6 teams will originate another group which will fight for 10th, 9th, 8th, 7th, 6th and 5th place!

Schedules to be announced soon!